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Nick Lake - Floatron Australia

Nick Lake - floatron Australia

Nickel Energy Joint Project - The Byron Bay Solar Train

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Nick Lake's Story

As the Director of Nickel Energy, a trusted, reliable and experienced solar provider since 2008, Nick has worked with state and local governments, businesses, charities and organisations, advising on commercial solar energy, solar hot water and energy efficiency.

Nick has a passion for sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions to everyday needs, and it is that same passion that brought Nick to be the exclusive distributor of floatron in Australia.

A family man with a pool of his own, Nick understands all too well the importance of health and safety for children.  None of us wants excessive, harmful chemicals to swim in, but that has been the reality...until now.

Nick firmly believes in the technology, sustainability and safety that floatron can bring to your family, for many fun-filled, sunny, family days by the pool to come. 



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