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Brian Johnson

Cairns QLD

I went away for four weeks recently, in summer, and simply left the floatron in the pool.  In the past years, this would have resulted in green algae.  This year there was none whatsoever!  I was very impressed!

William Harrison

Mermaid Beach QLD

Since we have had the floatron we have been delighted with it. It is wonderful to swim in chlorine-free water.

Eric Collins

Narraweena NSW

Since we have had the floatron (and my wife agrees with me), the pool water is looking better than it ever had, in all the years that we have had the pool.

Bob Thompson

Dubbo NSW

It works! It took a while - I have a 90,000-litre pool and it had a major stain on one side. Then, nearly 4 weeks after installing the floatron, it was gone and my pool has been sparkling clear ever since. Chlorine-use has been bugger all!

Leslie West

Forest Hills QLD

My filtering time is now negligible. I only run my salt chlorinator 6 - 7 hours per month. After 2-3 days of rain, my pool used to go green. My pool now looks great! The floatron is unreal!



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