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Solar Pool Cleaner

Over 10,000 users Australia-wide!


The floatron is the original floating solar-powered water purifier.

Complete with everything you need including; an electrode, thumb screw, ion test kit, screen, cleaning brush and instruction book.

The floatron unit utilises a high-output, state-of-the-art, solar photovoltaic panel to supply electricity to an electrode. This electrode then produces a combination of silver, copper and other ions which prevent the growth of microorganisms. The device floats in the pool and generates beneficial mineral ions, when exposed to sunlight.


"We’ve had the floatron now for 5 months and wow what a difference. This summer has saved $$ in chemicals and also cleaning. Usually after a massive storm my pool would turn green, but this time it was clearer than ever. Can’t talk more highly of this transition. It’s saved us money and time!" 

"Over the 7.5 years I’ve used the Floatron the total cost of ownership over that time has been:

  • 1 x Solar Pool Cleaner                     $500
  • 5 x Electrodes                                  $550
  • Sub-total                                             $1050
  • Chlorine/Clarifier estimate           $1500
  • Total for 7.5 years                          $2,550

By comparison, I had been using Poolwerx to service my pool so I have accurate figures for servicing my pool with chlorine and chemicals:

  • 26 visits/year $150/visit                 $3900
  • Total for 7.5 years                           $29,250

Therefore my payback period for Floatron = only 8 months!"
- Peter

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